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First of all, one of the challenges must overcome is identification of stem cells in adult tissues contain several types of cells in numbers. Determination of right type of stem cells rarely found in the adult tissues requires a careful and meticulous research.

Secondly, the right conditions that cause stem cells differentiation and formation specialized cells must be established. This is only possible by making a good amount of experiments.

It is generally thought that embryonic and fetal stem cells are more usable when compared to adult stem cells. Scientists continue to work on the right conditions for differentiation of embryonic stem cells into specialized cells. Since embryonic stem cells proliferate rapidly, scientists make sure that these cells are differentiated into specialized cells completely. Otherwise permanent embryonic stem cells undergo uncontrollable proliferation and can cause a tumor formation.
Cells must integrate with patient’s own tissues and organs and have to maintain body cells functional. For instance, neurons injected to damaged brain, must rearrange brain cells’ complex network structure and coordination as how is supposed to be.

Another challenge is “tissue rejection”. During the organ transplantation, transplant cells are considered as a foreign body by immune system cells. Besides the failure of transplantation, this immune response could endanger the patient’s life.

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Genkord Biotechnology and Health Services are founded as an umbilical cord blood bank in 2003.

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