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If differentiated cells in our body has been seriously damaged or diseased, they cannot regenerate naturally. Stem cells are used to create healthy and functional cells to replace these damaged or diseased cells. Procedure of replacement diseased cells with the new ones called “Cell Therapy” is similar to organ transplantations. However, instead of using organs, this time cells are transplanted.

Stem cells can be used as regenerative and transformative resources of differentiated cells. Researchers investigate the possibility of stem cells as treatments for several diseases by differentiating adult, fetal and embryonic stem cells into cell types like nerve, muscle, blood and skin cells.

For instance, In Parkinson disease stem cells can be used to create a special kind of nerve cells that secrete dopamine. Theoretically, a treatment will be provided by transplanting these nerves cells to where they can rearrange patient’s brain stimulations and regain its functions.

Hematopoietic Stem cells found in bone marrow, are progenitors of all types of blood cells and they are most commonly used type of all stem cells. Doctors have been transplanting hematopoietic stem cells for treatments over 40 years. The advanced technology which is used for hematopoietic stem cell collection and storage, is also used for routine treatments of leukemia, lymphoma and many other blood related diseases by now.

Although used in a limited number of patients, stem cells’ potentials have been shown in treatments of other diseases such as diabetes and kidney cancer. Research reinforcing therapeutic effect for clinical applications in liver diseases, coronary dysfunctions, autoimmune and metabolic diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases (amyloidosis etc.), and other advanced cancer types is in progress.

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Genkord Biotechnology and Health Services are founded as an umbilical cord blood bank in 2003.

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