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Why FibroPlus/FibroGel?

The most important privilege of FibroPlus/FibroGel Application is to be able to produce collagen, basic tissue of skin, from patient’s own cells and to stimulate regeneration.

Client’s own cells not only produce new collagens; but also, help regeneration and reparation of skin.

Why Fibroplus/Fibrogel Should Be Applied With PRP?

Autologous Fibroblasts increases the cell number and quality by reproducing in culture media with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and regeneration of fibroblasts provides target-specific stem cell differentiation during the application.

Introducing PRP during the Fibroblast application causes non-specific stem cell differentiation whereas it is aimed target specific stem cell signalization by injection of fibroblasts reproduced in PRP.

FIBROPLUS / FIBROGELfibrogel fibroplus 03

What Are the Advantages of FibroPlus/FibroGel Than Other Methods?

FibroPlus/FibroGel Injection is a useful method that prevent skin wrinkles with regeneration and filler effects, and has long time effects when compared to short time effects of filler materials applications.

Is FibroPlus/FibroGel Allergenic?

In FibroPlus/FibroGel injection, as body recognizes its own cells, it does not show any immune response like for foreign substances. Therefore, there is any reaction risks compared to filler materials artificially obtained from HA (Hyaluronic Acid) etc.

Is There Any Risk to Get Animal Oriented Diseases from Fibroplus/Fibrogel?

In this Application like use of autologous tissue, for reproduction and development of the cells collected from these autologous tissues; serums obtained from patient’s own blood is used instead of commercial zoological serums. Thus, there is any risk carrying a disease.

FibroPlus/FibroGel is Permanent and Has Long Time Effects

In this method, increased autologous fibroblasts create a continuous collagen repairing system by injecting into the area directly aimed in patient. Resent findings show significant healings up to 12 to 48 months. Histological analysis proves that Fibroblast injection increases collagens and density of dermal collagens.

Where FibroPlus/FibroGel Can Be Used?

  • Preventing wrinkles on face
  • Lips Augmentation
  • Treatment of skin burn and hollowness caused by previous surgery and trauma
  • Applications of Facial Rejuvenation by mesotherapy
  • Healing of deformations caused by acne (acne vulgaris) and chickenpox (varicella)
  • Chronic open wound treatments
  • Treatments of long time skin scars

Is There Any Age Restriction for Fibroplus/Fibrogel Application?

Although it is widely applied on age range of 35+, it can be applicable for every age in respect of patient’s present problems.


Is There Any Side Effects of FibroPlus/FibroGel?

Since Autologous (Patient’s own) serum is used for autologous fibroblast developments, there is any side effects.

FibroPlus / FibroGelFibroPlus / FibroGel

Is It Painful to Make Biopsy?

Application area is numbed with local or topical anesthesia. Then, biopsy is made for 2x4 mm tissue piece at the back of ear or earlobe. Since there is a high chance to have a scar after punch biopsy, it is recommended to make excisional biopsy.

Due to the application covering over upside of subdermal fat layer, it can be necessary to put stitch in.

Transportation of Tissue Sample to GENKORD

Before biopsy day, sample is transferred with a kit by GENKORD. Our kit consists of peripheral blood sample tubes, protective solution and an information form. Obtained biopsy samples should be carefully and sterile placed into protective solution provided.

Tissue samples should be transported into the kit at + 4 ºC and be delivered to us in 12 hours at the latest.

CAUTION!!!! Transportation of tissue samples at under 0 ºC absolutely ends up with tissue loss. Therefore, transportation at under +4 ºC temperatures is not recommended.

FibroPlus/FibroGel Injection Day

When willing cell density of 7-10x106 in 1 mL obtained at the end of approximately one month, fibroblast cells are filled into the injector (min 2cc) in a sterilized area, then delivered to physician in sterile tubes with cold chain. It is important to apply this cells in 8 hours at latest in respect to cell vitality and efficiency of treatment.

Application is made on the area where physician sees necessary by injection. Before application, local anesthetic creme or regional anesthesia can be applied according to the patient and physician preferences.

What to Take Care of After Fibroplus/Fibrogel Application?

Patient can return daily life after procedure. There is any pain, swallow or rash on face over 2-4 hours like does in the alternative therapies. In the procedure day, heavy makeup, solarium, sauna, swimming and sun exposure on injected area is not recommended.

How We Provide Quality Control?

Production is made in our GMP laboratories and detected by Ministry of Health and international accredited foundations.

At the end of production, we provide safe application by calculating cell numbers, vitality, morphological fenotyping and differentiation ability, and making aerobe & anaerobe culture tests.

Cryopreservation for Future Use Over Years

We in GENKORD Cell Banking, provide cell storage services to our patients for their willing to use these cells in future treatments.

Reproduced cells are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks at -196 0C by adding special solutions for long term storage without any damage.

They are thawed and prepare for procedure on Application day.

Why Fibroblasts Should Be Stored at 196 0C ?

The capacity of self-regeneration and optional functions are decreased in every cell due to age and environmental aspects. Therefore, the source of an efficient cell therapy against late life diseases or aging can be provided by storage of autologous cells in -196 0C tanks in early life.

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