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The most promising issues about stem cell therapy are their ability to form different functional adult cell types and their potential to treat multiple diseases by cell transplantation. In this way, any disease has tissues degeneration, can a potential candidate for stem cell therapy (Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord damage, stroke, skin burn, heart and liver diseases, Type 1 diabetes, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and muscle dystrophy).

In addition, the stem cells taken from eye might have a key role in treatment of damaged or diseased eyes by retinal regeneration and blindness might be treatable at some day. Hair follicle stem cells may also be collected and help people who has hair loss by hair follicle cell regeneration.

Adult stem cell replacement, has still been a treatment method, is only accepted for bone marrow transplantation by a proper donor, leukemia and other blood related diseases. However, high toxicity rate and lack of proper donors are the main challenges of this method.

Gene therapy by making genetic changes in patient’s own cord blood and bone marrow cells is considered beneficial. Although there is not any routine treatment available yet, there are many serious studies has been going on.

Scientists are creating new opportunities about adult stem cell usage day by day. As long as researches show that we proliferate our cells and form them into specialized cells in different tissue types (brain, muscle, kidney, liver, pancreas), we are able to expand our stem cells ex vivo and transplant them into body for future treatments.

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Genkord Biotechnology and Health Services are founded as an umbilical cord blood bank in 2003.

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