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What Is Umbilical Cord Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell?

Mesenchymal stem cell is a type of multipotent adult stem cells. It can be obtained from several types of tissues such as bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, adipose tissue, placenta, dental pulp and eye. These cells are used for their ability to differentiate in various specialties in medicine. Umbilical cord exchanges nutrition and metabolites between mother and baby during pregnancy. Umbilical cord as a rich source of immature mesenchymal stem cells, is also source of cord blood that has the highest differentiation capacity and is the closest to embryonic stem cells as well.

What Are the Advantages of Store Umbilical Cord Tissue?

  • It is collected during the birth without any operations on both mother and baby. It is pain-free and easy to obtained.
  • They can differentiate into the cells that are going to be used in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine such as bone, cartilage, muscle and nerve cells.
  • They are used to treat diabetes, heart diseases, neurodegenerative and orthopedic diseases.
  • It is shown that they can be efficient to reduce graft rejection of tissue and organ transplantations due to immunomodulator properties.

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Genkord Biotechnology and Health Services are founded as an umbilical cord blood bank in 2003.

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