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Genkord (GENKORD & PROMEDART GROUP): Transforming Healthcare Through Cellular Solutions

Welcome to Genkord, a leading institution in stem cell and cord blood banking, shaping the future of healthcare with cutting-edge cellular technologies. Established in 2003, Genkord has evolved into a leader, driving innovation in stem cell research, regenerative medicine, and biotechnology. Embark on a journey of holistic health with Genkord, where cutting-edge cellular technologies converge with preventive healthcare, the restoration of lost health, and the renewal of well-being. Genkord has emerged as a leader, shaping the future of healthcare through innovative stem cell research, regenerative medicine, and biotechnological breakthroughs

Our Journey of Excellence:

  • Foundation and Growth:
    • Founded in 2003, Genkord pioneered stem cell and cord blood banking in Turkey.
    • In 2005, Prof. Dr. Gursel Turgut founded Promedart, further expanding our expertise.
  • Visionary Leadership:
    • In 2010, Prof. Turgut assumed full ownership of Genkord, leading to the establishment of GENKORD & PROMEDART GROUP.
    • A series of TUBITAK Teydeb projects in subsequent years showcased our commitment to innovation in biomaterials, blood processing systems, and automated collection systems.
  • Innovations in Biotechnology:
    • Genkord continued to break new ground with developments such as the creation of a mobile decontamination system in 2019.
    • The REU SKIN CARE ANTI-AGING KIT™ in 2020 marked our entry into bioscience-infused beauty.
  • Advancing Stem Cell Therapeutics:
    • In 2021, GENKORD Therapeutics emerged as a hub for innovative stem cell treatments, offering solutions in stem cell banking, cord blood and tissue, bone marrow-derived stem cells, adipose-derived stem cells, dental pulp-derived stem cells, limbal stem cells, and more.

Our Expertise in Stem Cell Treatments: Genkord specializes in a range of stem cell treatments, addressing conditions in neurology, esthetics, cardiology, autoimmune diseases, dermatology, urology, gynecology-fertility, ophthalmology, chronic neurological diseases, general medicine, and dentistry.

Bespoke Cellular Products: Our proprietary cellular products, including GT LIFE-Cell™, showcase our commitment to tailored treatments for neurodegenerative diseases and general medicine. These products combine stem cells and exosomes, delivering cellular-level solutions with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Global Impact and Certification: Genkord’s impact extends globally, with cGMP-certified laboratories ensuring the highest standards in the production of cellular products. Our commitment to international best practices reflects our dedication to advancing healthcare on a global scale.

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