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Cord Blood and Tissue Banking

A Gift for Future Health

Cord blood and tissue banking at Genkord encapsulates our dedication to preserving stem cells from the umbilical cord, offering a beacon of hope for potential future medical treatments. Cord blood is a valuable source of Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) integral for treatments of hematological conditions, while cord tissue is enriched with Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), masters of tissue repair. Genkord’s state-of-the-art facilities ensure these cells are meticulously extracted, processed, and stored, adhering to the highest accreditation standards.

Why Genkord’s Preservation Services Stand Out:

  • Genkord’s accreditation by reputable regulators echoes our commitment to excellence in cord blood and tissue banking.
  • With our advanced extraction techniques, we ensure that cord tissue cells are isolated with the utmost precision before cryopreservation.
  • While the therapeutic applications of MSCs continue to unfurl through extensive research, Genkord keeps pace with advancements, aspiring to harness their full potential for conditions like neurological disorders and tissue damages.

What is Genkord Cord Tissue Banking?

Genkord not only focuses on cord blood but also recognizes the promise held within cord tissue. The banking of cord tissue at Genkord involves a sophisticated process where MSCs are cryogenically frozen, presenting possibilities for repairing organs, cartilage, and even nerve cells. As studies progress, Genkord remains at the vanguard of research, exploring the untapped potential of these cells in the treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases.

Cord Blood Banking with Genkord: The Procedure & Expectations

At Genkord, the cord blood banking process is a seamless and safe post-delivery procedure that harbors the possibility to treat a myriad of conditions, including leukemia and genetic diseases. The versatility of cord blood stem cells has positioned Genkord as a forerunner in the field, offering not just a repository for these cells but a gateway to regenerative medical treatments.

Genkord’s Pledge in Cord Blood and Tissue Preservation

Genkord’s registry is not just about banking—it’s about commitment to future generations. Our cord blood stem cells have carved a niche in regenerative therapies, boasting a successful track record in transplants and an inspiring participation in clinical trials investigating their efficacy in treating conditions like Parkinson’s and heart disease. Genkord unveils an additional safeguard with genetic testing options, broadening the scope of personalized medical care.

Genkord and the Landscape of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

For more than three decades, Genkord has been a trusted ally in umbilical cord blood banking, securing a place in both private and public domains. While public banks allow for altruistic sharing within the community, Genkord’s private banking gives families the comfort of having their cells available for personal use. While autologous treatments (using one’s own cells) may not be viable for genetic diseases due to inherent genetic issues, Genkord emphasizes informed decision-making, supported by rigorous quality control and oversight.

Unique to Genkord: Our Cord Blood Banking Approach

  • Genkord harnesses the power of stem cells through pioneering collection and preservation techniques.
  • We recognize the regenerative capabilities of cord blood, advocating its transformative potential in treating diseases and replenishing the body’s vital systems.
  • Understanding the importance of specialized treatment, Genkord employs proprietary technology to optimize the storage and potential use of these cells.
  • Genkord’s commitment extends to ensuring each family is educated and informed about the cord blood banking process—its benefits, procedures, and expectations.

Why Bank with Genkord? The Indisputable Benefits

Banking cord blood and tissue with Genkord is an investment in a child’s future health. It’s an opportunity to treat over 80 diseases, aid recovery post-therapies like chemotherapy, and potentially contribute to medical breakthroughs. Choosing Genkord for cord blood and tissue banking ensures not just the preservation of these incredible cells but also access to leading-edge therapies and personalized medical care for your family. Cord blood banking is more than a precaution; it’s a proactive measure for family health, ready to confront over 80 medical conditions and counting

With Genkord, cord blood banking is more than a service—it’s a partnership for life.

Genkord and the Evolution of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

Having been an integral part of the medical community’s efforts for over 20 years, Genkord has honed the practice of umbilical cord blood banking. We offer clear guidance on both public contributions and private storages, ensuring families understand the significance of their choice. Genkord upholds transparency about the rare instances when a medical condition might impede adequate cord blood collection, so families can make informed decisions.

Quality Control and Oversight at Genkord

  • Our collection processes are meticulously designed to safeguard the integrity and viability of stem cells.
  • Genkord utilizes advanced proprietary technology for cell processing to maximize cell recovery for storage, such as our multi-compartment storage bags.
  • We are constantly evolving, adopting the latest CryoMaxx™ technology to enhance the isolation of HSCs.